What is JSTDRMN?

Our Mission: Foster Toronto artists from local venues to global stages 🌍🎀


Local Empowerment

Elevating homegrown talent & partners


Artistic Innovation

Pioneering new sounds and experiences


Inclusive Collaboration

Uniting diverse voices for collective growth

The Story

JSTDRMN is a Toronto-based dance music collective with a mission to foster talent from local venues towards global stages by championing local empowerment, artistic innovation, and inclusive collaboration. We focus on guiding aspiring musicians to develop their skills and obtain their first gigs in a competitive landscape - particularly when challenged by the intersectionality of race and gender. 

We formed during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 and was initially a group chat of DJs who were looking to engage their audience via livestreams. Post-pandemic, we organized an inaugural in-person event in October 2022 which had sold out with 177 attendees. Since then, we have incorporated as JSTDRMN Inc. and have been steadily growing our presence, reaching 790 attendees at our last showcase for Lunar New Year, featuring two stages and 22 performers, lion dancers, and a variety of cultural activities. 

Our core activities include Socials (speaker series and networking), Open Decks (risk-free environment for musicians to perform for an intimate audience), and Showcases (large staged productions to engage the broader dance music community). Since our inception in 2022, we have held 14 events with a peak attendance of 790 people. The significant exposure that the artists receive have converted into increased play counts on music streaming platforms, paid opening opportunities for major international acts, and growth in industry networks.


The Dream Team

Made of 11 team members and 3 industry advisors. Our professional backgrounds contain a diverse skill set from different industries including event planning, media production, artists and repertoire, project management, marketing, business development, finance, compliance, and legal.

Aaron (DJ Malig)

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Malig, better known by his stage name DJ Malig, is a Canadian DJ and music producer based in Toronto, Ontario.  He blends infectious beats and pulsating rhythms to create unforgettable experiences on the dance floor. With a unique ability to captivate audiences worldwide, DJ Malig continues to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Leo (ZhuKeeper)

Chief Operating Officer

Leo combines 10 years of experience as a violinist with 8 years of DJing to push the boundaries of live performances as ZhuKeeper. He has experience leading product management in various industries, including E-commerce AI, Real Estate, and EdTech, and has spearheaded countless initiatives!


Jeremy (Jaire)

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeremy has played various instruments in his youth. He dabbled for fun in guitar and singing but he knew music production and DJing was calling. Jeremy’s experience spans over finance, e-commerce, sales, SaaS solutions as well as marketing.


Director of Operations

Fabio is a Toronto-based DJ and producer recognized for his deep grooves in the techno and house scene. With a passion for music and meticulous attention to detail, he delivers unforgettable audio-visual experiences under his KUROTEK alias. Beyond the studio, he brings his expertise as a tenured finance and compliance professional in the investment industry to his role as the Director Ops at JSTDRMN, where he ensures the seamless delivery of large showcase productions.


Rafael (LERION)

Head of Content

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lerion is a talented dubstep artist hailing from New Zealand and raised in Sydney, Australia. Born Rafael Lerion, he started playing guitar at a young age with the guidance of his musician father. Growing up immersed in metal and rock, Lerion went on to play in various bands before eventually discovering his passion for electronic music production. He began experimenting with Kpop beats before diving into the dubstep scene and finding his unique sound.


Charles (CIEL)

Head of Community

Charles is a Toronto-based bass music producer/DJ. With a passion for high energy music, he aims to help cultivate a vibrant creative scene within his community and to become a household name for Asians in the bass music scene.


Ali (Ari Grey)

Director of Marketing

Ari Grey is a rising star in the world of dance music, renowned for his contemporary spin on progressive house music. His tracks are characterized by pulsating beats, uplifting melodies imbued with euphoria, and an alluring blend of hooks that keep listeners hooked. In live shows, Ari Grey is known to electrify the audience with his captivating performance style and natural talent for energizing the crowd.


Heather (HEATER)

Director of Product

Heather is a classically trained musician who started out her music journey over 12 years ago in clarinet and guitar, then found a deep love in electronic music. Her goal is to curate a fun, exciting, and vibrant space for everyone to find a safe haven and home in electronic music. Outside of music, she is a professional in the consulting and technology industry leading implementation of software projects across accounting, consulting and telecommunications.


Omar (Mazzy)

Artists & Repertoire

Mazzy, a Toronto-based DJ and producer, seamlessly blends his deep house roots into all his productions. With a passion for electronic music that runs deep, Mazzy has made a name for himself in the underground scene. His tracks have been featured on Boosted Music, showcasing his talent and unique sound to a global audience. Supported by fellow DJs in Toronto, Mazzy continues to captivate listeners with his infectious beats and innovative productions, solidifying his place in the electronic music community.



Head of Design

Dennis is a Toronto-based house and trance DJ/Producer. Known for his creative mixing and euphoric melodies, he takes listeners on an emotional journey like no other. Off the decks, he is a pharmacist by day who strives to keep everyone safe on and off the dancefloor. With a strong passion for visual arts, he has taken the role of JSTDRMN’s Director of Design.


Ryan (NRP)

Head of UI/UX

Ryan is a DJ/producer who started at a young age of 13. Having a passion for the the house genre whether it’s Tech house or Bass house, he specializes in delivering reimagined house music in a way people will be hype. Outside from the passion he is a UX/UI Designer helping in his role at JSTDRMN as the Director of UX Design, to ensure JSTDRMN is getting the most out of all resources from websites to merch. There are endless ways to design for user experience.


Industry Advisors

We consult with highly skilled industry advisors that help us reach success.



STRANJAH, a prominent figure in North American drum and bass, has influenced the genre for over two decades with releases on labels like Metalheadz and Hospital Records, and his distinctive sound combines expressive bass, 90s synths, and syncopated drums. He also supports emerging artists through his YouTube channel and label Deviant Audio, fostering innovation in electronic music.



Digital marketing leader with 10+ years of experience. Enabled high business impact consumer journey orchestration and tool capabilities for platform personalization, experimentation and channel optimization for digital banking and retail industries. Recognized as a creative problem solver, results driven leader and collaborative team mentor leveraging Agile methodologies. Committed to obsessing and delivering exceptional digital experiences by turning gaps into opportunities using data to influence and drive business impact in highly matrixed environments.

Currently, pushing the boundaries of Nike's marketing & data ecosystem to deliver digital experiences that provide real value for consumers with ever-changing needs.


Simon (Garrison Hill)


Simon is a diehard electronic music enthusiast with over 10 years of multi-disciplinary professional experience in the music industries working in consulting, record labels, events, audio engineering, music production, A/V tech, and adjudicating for organizations such as the JUNOS, ECMAs, MusicNL, MusicPEI, and FACTOR. While completing his Masters Degree in Popular Music & Culture in 2021, Simon began working at Monstercat and currently holds the title of Digital Rights Manager. In this role Simon works cross-functionally and with external stakeholders to ensure the accurate collection and distribution of royalties, maintenance of release metadata, and publishing administration.